About us

About us

Cairn Recovery Resources provides quality substance abuse and mental health treatment to east-central Ohio. We believe that all people struggling with addiction should have access to support they need to live healthy, substance-free lives. All deserve a chance to hit reset, to learn, and gather tools to create the life they dream of. We conduct our services with honesty, integrity, freedom from judgement, diversity, excellence, and fun. We seek to inspire clients to greatness. 

Nearly 80% of our team has lived experience with addiction and are in recovery themselves. We journey alongside of our clients. If we can do it, they can, too! Cairn Recovery is an abstinence-based, person-centered treatment center adhering strictly to evidence-based practices.

Cairn Recovery is governed by a board of directors, made up of 7 concerned members of the community who represent a cross-section of our counties. All Cairn Recovery staff performing treatment services must be licensed or credentialed.

What is a Cairn?

The name Cairn Recovery was inspired by our founders from the concept of a cairn, which is a stack of stones often found along hiking paths. Just like a cairn serves as a guiding marker for travelers navigating their way through challenging terrains, Cairn Recovery aims to be a guiding light for individuals on their journey towards sobriety and wellness. Our treatment services act as the sturdy stones that help individuals navigate the twists and turns of recovery, providing support, guidance, and a sense of direction. At Cairn Recovery, our clients can find strength, stability, and a clear path forward on their healing journey.

What Sets Us Apart? 

We value structure, and require our clients to be engaged in treatment in order to also participate in our responsible living program. From Day 1, we give clients access to their new home.  While we have some limitations and restrictions (such as curfew and cleanliness), we also permit clients to live independently. 

We do not have a black-out period, and we do not put restrictions around phones. Clients are taught how to set boundaries around unhealthy people, places, and things. Clients are permitted to obtain employment when they are ready, typically after a few months (As long as  they stay sober and treat themselves and others with respect and kindness). Some homes have restrictions and 24-hour staff if clients require more oversight. 

We emphasize robust exit planning in order to set our clients up for success. This includes a specialized workforce readiness program to help clients secure self-sustaining employment. We support clients as they transition to safe and affordable housing that aligns with their plans to launch into independent living. 

We focus on trauma-informed care, with a robust, evidence-based curriculum.  We know what our clients have experienced, and the abundance of ruptured relationships that have plagued their lives.  We work with clients on how to live in healthy ways, despite  traumatic histories.